Settlement Fund for Survivors of Sexual Assault

The Settlement Account

“The Settlement Account” is a special trust designed specifically to care for the needs and circumstances of survivors who receive a personal injury settlement from a sexual assault case. Rather than accepting settlement monies outright or even settling into a general qualified settlement fund, any sexual assault survivor across the U.S. who receives a settlement from their lawsuit now has the option to settle into The Settlement Account. 

If you are an attorney working on sexual assault cases, we encourage you to reach out to learn more. 


Why have a dedicated fund for these individuals? Isn’t it just an extra step?

It all comes down to the emerging standard of care, the idea that the journey doesn’t end for plaintiffs once they reach settlement. In many cases, the journey is just beginning. And it is on us as their trusted legal and financial consultants to do everything in our power to make that journey successful for them. The idea of a specialized qualified settlement fund (“QSF”) allows us to tailor the blanket settlement experience to the needs and circumstances of each unique plaintiff class.

The Settlement Account affords sexual assault survivors:

  • Unlimited time and space to financially plan for the future without eliminating options
  • Access to legal and financial professionals who have been trained in the latest in trauma-informed care
  • Free, comprehensive settlement planning services from a nationally recognized firm
  • Ability to maintain anonymity and confidentiality due to the generic “The Settlement Account” nomenclature 

In addition to access to The Settlement Account, survivors will receive the benefit of nuanced financial knowledge and expertise around settlement planning options such as trusts, structures, and tax-free investment accounts from our team of experts.