feeMaster Class 1 The Basics

feeMaster Class

Module 1: The Basics

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feeMaster Class 2 Tax Law

feeMaster Class

Module 2: Tax Law

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feeMaster Class 3 Future Planning

feeMaster Class

Module 3: Future Planning

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Shades of Mass Camp Lejeune MDL Update

Camp Lejeune

Shades of Mass: Spring 2024 Mass Tort Updates

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AFFF Update

Shades of Mass: Spring 2024 Mass Tort Updates

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Settlement Planning for Claimants

Settlement Planning

Info Session for Claimants Using Pathway

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Past Webinars

Mass Tort

Why Digital Payment Options Are a Must for the Juul Generation >Watch
Work Smarter Not Harder: Leveraging Tech to Modernize Your Mass Tort Practice >Watch
Modernize Your Post-settlement Process >Watch
Women in Mass Tort Administration: An Open Dialogue >Watch

Attorney Fee Deferral

Fee Deferral: The "Unlimited 401(k)" for Trial Lawyers >Watch
Quarterly Market Update (October 2022) >Watch
It's Not Too Late: Tax-saving Strategies feat. Ted Jenkin >Watch
Year-end Tax Planning for Law Firm Owners >Watch
How the Best Trial Lawyers Save 50% on Their Tax Bills >Watch

Plaintiff Settlement Planning

Protecting Survivors: Trauma-Informed Settlement Administration >Watch
Trauma-informed Legal Care for Survivors: A Panel Discussion >Watch
Changes in Structured Settlements: Investment-backed Structures >Watch
How Does a Plaintiff "Spend Down"? >Watch

For Financial Advisors

How Financial Advisors Can Make More Money for Attorney Clients & Themselves >Watch
Financial Advisors Benefit from Settlement Planning >Watch