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Serving attorneys, firms, and plaintiffs for over 20 years. 

Milestone is a premier settlement planning and administration firm. Our team works with trial lawyers and their clients to serve as a partner in the present and an advocate for the future.

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Milestone Mission

To provide trusted financial guidance and strategies before, during, and after settlement, ensuring a lifetime of financial security.

Bringing the Best Together

Milestone brings the brightest minds in the legal and financial industries together. We view every situation and relationship through lenses sharply tuned by our individual experiences and expertise, and focus those lenses on the unique goals and circumstances of each attorney and plaintiff we proudly serve. Together, our team’s commitment to providing the best settlement planning solutions possible, at every stage of the litigation journey, moves people forward.

A hard-hitting team with the experience to deliver experience, compassion, reliability, and principles.

John Bair


Amy Fogle

Chief Executive Officer

Kristen Rutkowski

Chief Financial Officer

Rachel McCarthy

Chief Marketing Officer

Leslie George

Managing Director, Settlement Administration

Paige Richardson

Director of Settlement Administration

Allison McClure

Director of Marketing

Laura Fetto

Director of Settlement Planning

Sam Dolce, Esq.


Patrick Hoover


Jordyn Burnell

Public Relations Manager

Mary Wyant-Burrows

Settlement Planner

Shahnaz Hamade

Relationship Manager

Brandon Kisberg

Digital Marketing Manager

Bradley Pohlman

Associate, Settlement Administration

Rocco Strangio

Law Clerk

Leanne Lettow


Kristen Whalen

Financial Operations Manager

Nora Pérez

QSF Project Manager

Attorneys & Plaintiffs Place Trust in Us

You don’t have to take our word for it. See how some of our past and current clients—lawyers, plaintiffs, and financial advisors—describe what it’s like to receive top-tier settlement planning services from Milestone.

Milestone is a tour de force. My firm has utilized the Milestone team on a number of occasions for a wide array of clients whose cases and circumstances could not be more different from one another.

A.J. Miller

Milestone is a true advocate for those who have been injured due to the negligence of others. As an owner of a personal injury law firm, I am always very careful to only partner with those who understand that our clients' interests come first. The team at Milestone is compassionate, educated, and experts at ensuring financial security for our clients. I highly recommend reaching out to Milestone to understand how they can assist you and your clients.

John Richmond

Milestone is a great group. They treat clients as people and really work hard to get the right results for everyone involved—clients and attorneys. And, they are a pleasure to work with!

Tor Hoerman

Milestone is knowledgeable and professional. The level of communication is remarkable. They are organized, punctual, and respectful. I am amazed with this company.

Lucianny Rondon

An outstanding company to work with! Each member is attentive and knowledgeable. They're always there to provide the answers to any questions we may have.

Dina Rainey

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