Making Settlement Dollars Go Further

Plaintiff Settlement Planning

Help your clients make the most of settlement. The consultants at Milestone will develop a tailored plan to preserve government benefits and make plaintiffs’ funds last over many years.

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Tailored Financial Strategies

There are financial strategies specifically designed for personal injury plaintiffs, such as periodic payment plans, trusts, and methods to comply with the income thresholds of government benefits programs. Milestone’s settlement planning consultants gather a complete understanding of each plaintiff’s unique needs and goals in order to customize a plan best suited to them.

Settlement Planning Strategies

Milestone can provide plaintiffs with guidance on a variety of strategies, such as:

Periodic payment schedule

An investment-backed structure or traditional structured settlement annuity allows plaintiffs to receive their settlement funds in payments over time.

Preserving government benefits

An incoming settlement can move a plaintiff above the income limits of certain government programs, disqualifying them from receiving benefits. Milestone can connect them with tools to ensure they remain eligible for benefits after settlement.


A special needs trust uses settlement funds to supplement, rather than replace, the resources covered by government benefits programs like SSI and Medicaid. A domestic asset protection trust safeguards settlement from a variety of unexpected financial losses. Depending on a plaintiff’s financial goals, one of these trusts might be a helpful option.

Medicare set asides

Medicare beneficiaries who will receive a personal injury settlement must comply with Medicare’s rules as a secondary payer. A Medicare set aside is one approach that can help ensure a plaintiff does not lose these benefits.

The settlement planning consultants at Milestone have been guiding plaintiffs and their families for decades. Contact us today to help your client make the most of their funds.