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Help your clients make the most of settlement by connecting them with the plaintiff settlement planning team at Milestone.

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Tailored Financial Strategies

Families receiving a settlement can make the most of their funds by engaging with the specialized financial planners at Milestone. There are financial strategies specifically designed for personal injury plaintiffs, such as trusts, periodic payment plans, and tools to help them comply with government benefits programs. Milestone’s innovative financial solutions are tailored to each plaintiff, their family, and their unique needs and goals.

Settlement Planning with Milestone

Milestone expertly helps plaintiffs optimize settlement using:

Investment-backed Structures

An investment-backed structure allows injured plaintiffs to receive their settlement in payments over time while the rest grows in an investment account, tax-free.

Government Benefits Preservation

An incoming settlement can disqualify a plaintiff from certain government benefits. Milestone can implement strategies to ensure they remain eligible after settlement.

Trust Planning

A special needs trust uses settlement funds to supplement, rather than replace, the resources covered by government benefits programs like SSI and Medicaid. A domestic asset protection trust safeguards settlement from a variety of unexpected financial losses.

Medicare Set Asides

Medicare beneficiaries who will receive a personal injury settlement must consider Medicare’s interests as a secondary payer. A Medicare set aside is one approach that can help ensure a plaintiff does not lose these benefits.

The settlement planning experts at Milestone have been guiding plaintiffs and their families for more than 20 years. Contact us today to help your client make the most of settlement.