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“What may not be such common knowledge is the fact that the IRS has afforded contingency fee attorneys the ability to make their fees work for them with attorney fee structures. And even if you’ve heard of this strategy before, read on, because the fee-structuring landscape is ever- changing.”

Attorneys earning contingency fees have the exclusive opportunity to defer unlimited income. Fee deferral offers long-term income and tax planning as part of a strong attorney wealth management strategy. In Law360, Milestone CEO John Bair explains these unique benefits and answers questions including:

  • What is an attorney fee structure?
  • Why should attorneys consider fee deferral?
  • Are there instances where an attorney fee structure is not advisable?
  • What do you need to know when exploring attorney fee structures for yourself?

Read the article on Law360 if you have an account, or you can download the full PDF below.

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Should you have any questions about deferring your contingency fees, we welcome you to give Milestone a call for a free, no-obligation chat about your options.