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Milestone’s Director of Settlement Planning, Leslie George, describes the personal attention and expertise that only comprehensive settlement planners can provide attorneys’ clients.

If you’ve ever gone to a legal conference, attended an annual convention, or participated in a company-sponsored CLE, you’ve heard of a settlement consultant. You’ve met people who work for consulting firms and may have thought to yourself, “What exactly is consulting?”

Professional athletes, CEOs, and practicing attorneys all seek insight and expertise from individuals who know the ins and outs of a specific topic. Those experts recognize the challenges at hand and move forward without personal bias in helping people make the best decisions.

Milestone’s settlement consultants start with an open and honest conversation with plaintiffs. We pride ourselves at being transparent. We realize that not every client has the same level of understanding on financial and legal matters. Every chapter of the settlement process is important, and it’s our job, as consultants, to present to them their best possible solutions for their settlement monies. In this niche world of settlement planning, we’ve seen first-hand that each case is different and requires a unique approach; so, we commit ourselves to everyone’s individual needs and assign different cases to different consultants so that caseloads are managed appropriately.

Once we begin working with a family, they will know they are our top priority. If a client’s goal is long-term growth, we have retirement planning solutions. If a family has immediate needs for cash, our settlement planners can assist with government preservation by helping to establish a special needs trust or domestic asset protection trust. Some clients who have larger settlements might also be interested in starting a new business or considering a real estate investment. We’re able to refer clients to our network of CPAs who can review contracts which require additional legal advice on more complex subject matters. We hold ourselves accountable to obtain information about the client, whether it be details on their overall debt picture, their health insurance needs, and their personal risk tolerance for alternative settlement planning ideas. We identify these concerns and communicate potential solutions throughout the process.

Rest assured that when you bring Milestone in as a trusted consultant, your client will be heard and supported during their next milestone in life.

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