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Milestone is a long-time supporter of AAJ’s Women Trial Lawyers Caucus. Today, we are proud to be a part of an important event, a virtual panel discussion titled “Forced Arbitration is a Women’s Issue.”  With nearly 200 women from across the country attending this event, we hope to encourage Congress to pass the Forced Arbitration Injustice Repeal (FAIR) Act. The FAIR Act seeks to end the practice of forcing consumers, workers, and patients into a secretive, rigged arbitration system. Forced arbitration is hidden in the fine print of everything from nursing home admissions forms and credit card contracts, to online click-through “agreements” and employee handbooks. It gives corporations the power to evade justice and avoid being held accountable when people are hurt, and in most cases, we don’t even know it’s lurking in the everyday forms and “agreements” we sign.

Join the WTLC in this fight by letting your members of Congress know that you want congressional leadership to bring the FAIR Act to the House floor for a vote this summer. Share this link with your own networks—Congress needs to hear from their constituents that they should pass the FAIR Act and oppose forced arbitration.