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Paige Richardson

We are delighted to announce that Paige Richardson has joined Milestone as Director of Settlement Administration! Based in Houston, TX, Paige has worked in the settlement administration industry for six years. During that time, she has coordinated with plaintiff firms, defense firms, and injured claimants.

Paige specializes in several settlement service lines, including release administration, probate coordination, lien resolution, and qualified settlement fund (QSF) management. Having worked with thousands of client firms on the administration of over 400 settlements, Paige is thrilled to continue her work with the Milestone team.

At home when she’s not chasing her kids, Paige writes poetry, frequents museums, and practices yoga. She has played the piano since she was three and recently inherited a wooden wall piano, which she plans to paint pink. Paige also enjoys making floral arrangements and makes a new arrangement for her home every week.

We caught up with Paige to ask her a bit more about her life and career. Check out her answers below!

What does your role entail as Director of Settlement Administration?

As Director of Settlement Administration, I coordinate with our law firm clients on the project management of their Mass Tort QSF administration. We work with these firms and other vendors to ensure claimants, firms, and other entities are being paid accurately and timely, while adhering to the specific parameters of each individual settlement. No two QSFs are the same!

Name one thing about your job that inspires or motivates you.

I am motivated by the claimants themselves – they are the “why” in what we do every day. These are injured folks who have endured pain and suffering, and who have likely spent several years in the settlement process. It’s invaluable to play a part in easing the end of this process for as many claimants as possible through transparency and swift payment service.

What’s your favorite musical genre to play on piano?

I enjoy playing acoustic covers!

What is the best museum you have ever been to and why?

My favorite museum is one here in Houston called the Menil Collection. The museum grounds are just as stunning as the collections!

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