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Milestone attorney Sam Dolce sat down with Tom Hagy of Emerging Litigation Podcast to discuss attorney fee deferral. In the podcast, Sam takes a deep-dive into ways attorneys can make the most of their fees and plan for retirement, their personal and professional goals, firm growth, and more.

Emerging Litigation Podcast Sam Dolce

Fee deferral is an investment strategy exclusively available to trial lawyers earning contingency fees. Every individual’s deferral arrangement is unique, as it is based on the attorney’s age, lifestyle, retirement goals, and more. The result is a tailored investment portfolio that provides the attorney with a schedule of payments to meet their needs now and in the years to come.

Listen to the full podcast below!

“The more sophisticated we are as a trial bar, the better the outcomes for everybody, including plaintiffs. We really need to be thinking about the financial issues that face our firms. Attorney fee deferral is one great solution.”

The Emerging Litigation podcast is the audio companion to the Journal on Emerging Issues in Litigation. The Journal is a collaborative project between HB Litigation Conferences and the Fastcase legal research family, which includes Full Court Press, Law Street Media, and Docket Alarm. The podcast itself is a joint effort between HB and our friends at Law Street Media.

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