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Milestone is a proud Platinum Sponsor of the nonprofit organization Trial School. Rich Newsome, renowned national trial lawyer and founder of Trial School, recently endorsed Milestone for qualified settlement fund administration. Here’s what he had to say (transcript is below).

Hi, I’m Rich Newsome, and I am here today to talk about Milestone, one of our Trial School Platinum Sponsors. Specifically, I want to endorse Milestone for qualified settlement fund administration. Choosing Milestone as your QSF administrator ensures the most organized and successful mass tort distribution. Milestone’s dependable team serves as a back office to law firms, removing the administrative burden of settlement payouts and taking personal responsibility for precision.

Milestone’s thorough process and responsiveness give mass tort attorneys peace of mind at settlement. By choosing Milestone as your mass tort QSF administrator, you are getting a trustworthy partner, a smart team, and the confidence that your mass tort settlement is in good hands.

To hear what sets Milestone apart as QSF administrator, contact us today.

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