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The majority of work we do at Milestone does not involve traditional structures. This industry has evolved over the past decade, and so have we. Trial lawyers, consider engaging us in a settlement planning conversation about one of your clients. We guarantee you’ll be surprised.

Special needs trusts

A special needs trust is established to prevent people from losing benefits from certain government programs after coming into a settlement windfall. An influx of wealth can make one ineligible for government benefits such as Supplementary Security Income (SSI), Veterans Aid and Attendance, Medicaid, and government housing. Milestone’s planners can properly administer a special needs trust, ensuring that your clients can make the most of their settlement while maintaining the care and protection they need.

Qualified settlement funds

A qualified settlement fund is a tax-qualified trust or account that holds settlement proceeds from litigation. It is a solution that allows for more simplified and organized administration of the settlement. A QSF gives an attorney sufficient time for proper client counseling before, during, and after settlement by extending the amount of time available to plan past the release of the defendants from the litigation. Choose Milestone as your professional QSF administrator to manage the funds and ongoing claim resolution, to source lien negotiators, and to assist in the evaluation of Medicare set-asides.

Medicare set-asides

A Medicare set aside (MSA) is a voluntary arrangement that demonstrates a good-faith effort to fund future care without relying solely on Medicare. It is established from a portion of the settlement amount and is used to pay for future injury- or illness-related medical expenses that would otherwise be payable by Medicare. While establishing an MSA trust account is not mandatory, it adequately protects Medicare’s interests while ensuring a person’s settlement is as beneficial to his or her future as possible. Our consultants will coordinate the administration & set-up of your client’s MSA.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our team understands that no two cases are the same, and we will work with you and your client to tailor a settlement plan perfect for their goals. Contact us today to learn more.