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Millions of people were likely holding their breath in late 2019, when preliminary testing showed unacceptable levels of the carcinogen NDMA present in the popular heartburn drug Zantac. Then, earlier this month, the other shoe dropped. After further investigation, the FDA asked manufacturers to immediately pull all prescription Zantac and over-the-counter ranitidine drugs from the market. There is already a consolidated litigation in Miami, as many people who have been diagnosed with cancer have made the connection to their regular use of Zantac.

Our newest issue of Living Safer tells the whole story that led to the Zantac litigation, one of many cases that continues to rightfully forge forward despite the current state of our nation. With these lawsuits in mind, it’s hard not to question what “good health” really means. The victims put their trust in a medication to lead them to good health, only to later find that they’d been unknowingly filling their bodies with probable carcinogens. It’s disheartening and unacceptable, and we’re glad to bring the issue to light in our magazine. 

Other topics in the latest issue of Living Safer include:

  • Tips to reduce acid reflux,
  • Creating the right conditions for quality sleep,
  • Preparing for a new driver in the house,
  • Staying safe while living alone,
  • Talking to your kids about Internet safety,
  • The cheapest states for a better retirement, and more.

Through our settlement planning work at Milestone, we play a small part in our clients’ recovery as they reclaim their stake on life, happiness, and health, setting themselves up for future security and success. For the time being, our team has transitioned to a fully remote workforce, while keeping our nose to the grindstone and continuing to be here for you and your clients in every way.

Trial lawyers, please keep our portfolio of companies in mind in the coming months as you work to best serve the future good health of yourself and your clients, and do consider sharing this publication with others who may take interest.