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We’re delighted to announce that Amy Fogle has been named chief executive officer of all entities under Seventh Amendment Holdings (SAH), including Milestone. And we couldn’t be more excited to have her. Amy has been with SAH since 2020, first as director of wealth management. We sat down with Amy to discuss her career, inspiration, and vision for the future.

What has been your path at Seventh Amendment Holdings?

I was seven months pregnant when I became director of wealth management. It was March 2020, and the world shut down from COVID just days before I officially began working. I continued to assist with client needs and trading remotely and then stayed in touch with the team during maternity leave so I could seamlessly jump back in afterward.

I came into my wealth management role with a decade of experience, and I learned more about the integration of the Seventh Amendment entities over time. During my time here, I have always wanted to do more and make a bigger difference with SAH overall. Now as CEO, I carry out our mission in a bigger way – helping to grow and run a business that focuses on comprehensive, customized solutions and top-notch customer service.

What about SAH sticks out to you?

Each of the SAH entities works together to serve the needs of trial lawyers and their clients. We are poised for continued growth, which will allow us to give even more to this industry through our range of services. Driving our mission and growth excites me, because I know that this company is doing right by the people we help every day.

The plaintiffs we help are faced with many questions and unanswered variables. And as we take that burden off their shoulders, we’re not only working to secure their financial future; we’re also providing peace of mind, which is so needed and appreciated after anyone faces a traumatic situation. Everything we do starts with a partnership with a law firm – solidifying their financial services education and building a relationship – so they understand the value of strong settlement planning and the hard work we can do for them and their clients.

What inspires your career?

Along the way in my career, I have taken tidbits of advice and inspiration regarding management. I have tried to take a step outside of myself to see how others run their days, organize themselves, and motivate their teams both directly and indirectly. I’ve curated the pieces that help me to kindly treat, motivate, and inspire people to want to do the work that we do.

How do you see the company changing in the short term?

I see the company growing in terms of people; we’ve already started that growth. With new team members comes the learning curve as they are being onboarded and coached. It takes time and commitment, but I think the only way to run a company is to have the best people alongside you for the journey. We are also growing in terms of our business, partnerships, and revenue. Our short-term goal is to ensure all this expansion aligns.

What do you think it takes to be successful?

Success comes from a combination of work ethic and having your heart in the right place. We attract and retain people who share our team’s commitment to hard work and compassion. I always say that no matter what you’re doing, you need these three things to see success: self-motivation, the ability to be flexible and dynamic, and a positive attitude. Go after the goal, be dynamic and ready to pivot when something goes wrong, ask questions, and keep driving forward with a positive attitude – then there’s no way you’re not going to succeed. I have always felt like SAH aligns with my belief about that.

What is your favorite thing about being officially tied to Buffalo for the long term?

Buffalo is where I was born and raised, and now I’m raising my three daughters here. It’s an inspiring and community-centric place to live – the perfect place to have a family, put down roots for our headquarters, and continually grow our business.

What is an overarching take-away from this transition?

John Bair, who founded SAH, is still very much a voice in this organization. He is focusing on business development, speaking and coaching, and driving our organization to the next tier – all areas where he truly shines. We are working alongside each other to grow an impactful organization.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Milestone and all the SAH entities. If you want to get in touch with Amy, reach out to

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