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Milestone makes the post-settlement process more efficient for trial lawyers and their clients. An innovator in mass tort and multi-party litigation, Milestone has developed technology that streamlines distribution and integrates trauma-informed settlement planning.



Digital payment options for mass tort clients

Through Pathway, claimants receive digital payment in three simple steps. Mass tort firms hand over the burden of organizing disbursement while accessing real-time payment data through their custom portal.

Path to Payment:


Sign Closing Statement

Claimants receive a link via email or text, which will take them to their Closing Statement to sign digitally.

Review Planning Options

Planning is crucial for claimants who receive government benefits and/or want their funds to last.

Choose Payment Method

There are a variety of options, such as PayPal, Zelle, Direct Deposit, and paper check by mail.
Milestone Pathway


Defer your fees around your goals.

As a trial lawyer, you can strategically plan for your contingency fees around taxes, life’s milestones, and retirement goals. Fee deferral allows you to receive your contingency fees as payments over time in a tailored schedule. It’s a smart investment option to manage wealth and plan for cash flow.


You’ll only pay taxes on the payments you receive within the year. The rest of your fee will grow, tax-deferred, in an investment portfolio.

Your investment-backed deferral plan will address both your short- and long-term financial goals.

Your fee deferral plan will work in lockstep with your existing investment portfolio.

There are no limits to how much or how little you defer.

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