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Structured Installment Sales

Milestone works with business owners and their financial advisors to replace large, immediate tax obligations with pre-tax, investment-backed payment schedules.

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Turn Large Sales into Pre-tax, Invested Payments

Large-dollar transactions bring large tax implications. Receiving income in one lump sum results in significant local, state, and federal and investment income taxes. Moreover, the gains on lump sum investments are also taxed at a significant rate. Why let your client just give the IRS over one-third of their income from a sale when they don’t have to? Milestone’s Wingspan non-qualified assignments (NQAs) provide custom-tailored periodic payment plans based on each individual’s personal and professional goals—with less tax burden.

A structured installment sale can transform a one-time sale into a series of installments that arrive in a bank account over time in a schedule of the individual’s choosing. Future payments are invested through a national custodian where the funds then grow tax-deferred.

When Your Clients Do Better, You Do Better

Milestone’s Wingspan program offers big financial benefits to both you and your client.

Benefits to Business Owners

Tax deferred revenue turns lump-sum income into a secure financial future for the business owner and his/her family.

Milestone’s smart contract helps individuals financially plan for retirement.

There is significant security in the titling and management of the deferred assets through the individual’s financial advisor.

Custody is maintained through major international entities.

Benefits to Financial Advisors

Financial advisors are distinguished from others by offering clients the ability to create a guaranteed financial
future and better plan for taxes with money from their structured installment sale.

Advisors create stickier relationships with clients who use Wingspan NQAs.

Advisors see increased AUM by utilizing these investment vehicles with their clients.

Incorporate Wingspan from Milestone

Milestone provides trusted guidance and strategies to ensure financial security for a lifetime. We work with clients to serve as a partner for the present and an advocate for the future. Contact Milestone today to learn more about structured installment sales and how they can benefit your clients and your practice.