Optimized Settlement Administration

Milestone as Lead Administrator

Hire Milestone to lead all your vendor services as a mass tort settles. As your back-office project manager, we’ll take the administrative burden off your staff and provide convenience and efficiency with the many moving parts of settlement administration.

Add Our Specialized Knowledge to Your Mass Tort Practice

Mass tort attorneys know how complex and time consuming vendor issues at settlement can be. Optimize the settlement process by hiring Milestone as lead administrator to oversee disbursement, claims administration, lien resolution, and more.

Mass Tort Law Firm

Milestone as Trustee & Lead Administrator

Claims Administrator

Lien Administrator

Other Vendors

Benefits of Milestone as Co-Administrator in Mass Torts


Better organized, cost-effective processes at settlement


Fiduciary oversight to ensure all vendors are working efficiently


Lightening the administrative burden from the law firm


Timely distributions and satisfied clients


Checks and balances for more accountability and transparency

Make Milestone a Partner

Our team of attorneys, accountants, and fiduciaries are experts in managing settlement. Leverage our industry know-how to improve the settlement process.

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