Our Approach to Settlement Planning

Your financial security is best addressed before your case is settled. Our team of settlement planners engages early on to walk plaintiffs and trial lawyers through the entire decision-making process when it comes to planning for an upcoming settlement. We make sure our clients take an active role in determining their financial future by giving them the awareness, education, and understanding to navigate their available options. We then work together to develop the best course of action for each plaintiff and their family, to help set up a sense of security and restore peace of mind.

Identifying Long-Term Needs & Risk

Lawsuit settlements can address an individual’s immediate needs, but when proper precautions are not taken to protect a settlement award long-term, funds can get depleted surprisingly fast. There can be a strong temptation to spend the money immediately, often wearing away the settlement that was intended to last for a lifetime. It’s also easy to ignore just how costly future medical needs may end up being.

All of our settlement planning solutions provide protection against premature depletion of the funds. From current and future medical bills to education, security, retirement, and other future needs, our goal is to secure what matters most to you and your family. Milestone is the first step in making sure that the life of your settlement equals the life of your journey.

Risk Assessment

To maximize your settlement planning and to ensure future financial security, our settlement planners will conduct a free risk assessment study to get an accurate picture of your finances, then balance your long-term goals with your short-term needs.

Allocating Your Settlement

Once a settlement amount is decided upon, it is necessary to have a financial expert determine how much to allocate to different financial assets in order to protect against certain risks. Taking your settlement monies and creating a balance between trusts, investments, and insurance is important to mitigate risk, ensure long-term security, and give a plaintiff the tools and flexibility to handle the unexpected.



Our team of settlement planning experts works with each plaintiff to create a customized portfolio using top money managers and investment solutions tailored to fit his or her current and continuing needs. Investments consist of conservative solutions, including income-generating and long-term growth securities. We research all options to produce the best financial solution for every individual’s unique needs and circumstances. When tax efficiency is crucial to a settlement plan, we help guide plaintiffs through the tax regulations and determine how these may affect their settlement.


Suitability and Government Benefits Planning

Milestone Consulting uses an analytical approach to determine what financial vehicles are appropriate in order to preserve eligibility status for needs-based government programs, such as Medicaid and Social Security Income. Many government programs that provide monthly income for medical services or needs-based benefits have strict financial eligibility limits. Without careful planning, eligibility for these programs can be lost when one receives his or her settlement. Our team will ensure that current and/or future government benefits remain compliant with government regulations.


Competitive Annuity Pricing

Upon final selection of insurance allocations, product types, and payments, we perform an in-depth analysis to achieve the best possible benefit with the most security.

Choosing Your Professional Team

In addition to a settlement planner, a plaintiff can benefit from having other professionals on his or her team as they look forward to life after their lawsuit settles.

Choosing a Wealth Manager

A relationship with a competent wealth manager is often required. Establishing a relationship with a trusted wealth advisor can ensure that sufficient funds are available for unforeseen expenditures. We will assist you in choosing the right wealth manager to best fit your specific needs.

If applicable, Choosing a Trust Attorney

In addition to helping you select the right trust, we place equal importance on selecting the right attorney. The right trust attorney is one who specializes in the selected trust vehicle; however, it is client compatibility that establishes the confidence required to manage the variables associated with trust planning.

Choosing a Trustee

During this phase, we work with plaintiffs and their families to interview potential trustees. This process helps determine which potential trustees share the same risk-averse, long-term stability-related philosophy upon which the trust will be established.

Achieving Court Approval

Our reputation for acting in the best interest of our clients has resulted in court approvals throughout the country. Particularly when involving the interests of a minor or someone with special needs, our process and credentials are unmatched. We use a rigorous examining process to satisfy all court requirements and provide a comprehensive affidavit upon request.

Lifelong Representation

We stand behind our settlement solutions for life, bringing our clients into the process so that every step is shared and understood. This degree of trust is why Milestone is commonly called upon to act as a liaison between the trustee, trust attorney, plaintiff’s attorney, and family as necessary. We also take pride in continuing these relationships and being available to you as a financial resource if you ever have a question or if a new need arises in the future.