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Lawful Good is a human-interest podcast about people in the legal profession and the trials they face inside and outside the courtroom. Host Luke W. Russell sat down (virtually) with John Bair and discussed his journey to founding one of the premier settlement planning and administration firms in the country. In the interview, they delve into how John turned the snowy peaks of the Siskiyous into a business opportunity, what it’s like to lead soldiers twice your age, and how The Milestone Foundation is breaking barriers in the civil justice space. Listen to the full Lawful Good show below.

Here’s a preview of John’s perspective on why it’s crucial that injured plaintiffs have the help of a settlement expert to plan for the future:

“That feeling, that sentiment of getting their life back … and not being laden with pain or dealing with the loss of someone, and you add money to that – it ends up being somewhat of a volatile mix. It’s a very challenging time. One, two, three years out, they’re still readjusting and going through some difficult things, and they don’t know the right [financial] questions to ask. Settlement planning – the art of it – is being able to get to know someone and being their advocate so they don’t make bad decisions.”

If you’re interested in speaking with John about your client’s settlement, feel free to contact us. And next week, we’ll be sharing the second installment of Lawful Good’s show with John, where he talks more about Milestone and how our innovations set us apart from other settlement administration companies.

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