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Our feeMaster brochure explains how Milestone’s attorney fee deferral program allows lawyers to leverage deferred compensation as part of an overall wealth strategy. A planning tool only afforded to those who work on contingency fee agreements, fee deferral allows attorneys to decide how and when they receive their money. This strategy offers the opportunity to invest and receive fees over time, smoothing out their flow of income. 

Our brochure answers common questions and gets into the nitty gritty about how this financial planning strategy works and benefits trial lawyers. However, our team doesn’t expect every attorney to just take our word that it’s an integral component to smart wealth planning. As a comprehensive settlement planning firm, we welcome collaboration with other experts: wealth managers, CPAs, and anyone else who works to secure our clients’ financial future. Other consultants can offer insight into how the customizable architecture of our feeMaster program is often better for long-term wealth management than receiving a lump sum fee. We’re happy to partner with a financial advisor or wealth manager to find a way to integrate fee deferral into an attorney client’s overall financial plan.  

Having a diverse financial planning team behind you, collaborating on the best moves for your life, is just smart forward thinking. If you are interested in learning more about Milestone’s feeMaster program, we welcome you and/or your wealth manager to give us a call.