A Case for Women

March 22, 2021

We thought of no better way to wrap up this year’s Women’s History Month than by highlighting the incredible work of a company in the legal space that was made for women, by women, and because of women. Enter, A Case for Women. A Case for Women (“ACFW”) informs women about the affordable legal options…  Read more

Welcome, Angela Feeney, Our New Office Administrator!

March 17, 2021

Meet Angela Feeney, who has joined Milestone as office administrator. We asked her a few questions about her education, career, and life. Read more about Angela below. Where did you attend school, and what did you study? I received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Canisius College. What led you to Milestone? I…  Read more

Meet Kristen Rutkowski, Our Director of Finance!

March 15, 2021

We’re delighted to introduce Kristen Rutkowski, who has joined Milestone as director of finance. After going to college here in New York, Kristen went west and had some exciting adventures before landing back home and joining our team. We asked her a few questions about her education, career, and life. Read more about Kristen below.…  Read more

Optimizing Settlement: A New Standard of Care for Trial Lawyers

March 5, 2021

To be one of the best trial lawyers in the country, you can’t do it alone. You likely have a mentor, a paralegal, a team of associates or colleagues, business partnerships, and then some. These people and resources help you prepare for litigation, and they help you succeed in a trial or settlement negotiation. But…  Read more

Small Firms Winning Big Cases Should Use Firm-wide Qualified Settlement Funds

February 22, 2021

By Sam Dolce-Powers, Esq. If you’re managing a boutique law firm earning contingency fees, you already know that when the big case hits, you must be prepared to capitalize. I watched first-hand as my own family’s firm navigated big wins – as well as financial crisis and tax season. However, there are tools available to…  Read more

Introducing Allison McClure, Milestone’s New Content & Communications Manager

January 14, 2021

We’re excited to announce that Allison McClure has joined the Milestone team as content and communications manager. Allison has worked with Milestone as a copy writer and marketing consultant for more than four years before joining us as a full-time team member. We asked her a few questions about her life and background. Here’s what she had to say. …  Read more

Why Financial Advisors Should Work in Tandem with Settlement Planners

January 13, 2021

Financial advisors: an attorney client is about to receive a large contingency fee from a personal injury case – are your typical wealth management tools the best options to offer him or her? You could enlist the help of a settlement planner, but won’t that just complicate things? It makes sense to wonder why bringing…  Read more

How the Justice for Servicemembers Act Would Protect Veterans and Active-Duty Members

December 18, 2020

As both a former Army captain and a settlement planner, I have seen the struggles that military personnel face. On top of deployment, moving their families from state to state (or even country to country), and the general inherent dangers of combat, active-duty members deal with a variety of obstacles. That’s why there are laws uniquely intended to protect them, like the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA). The SCRA eases…  Read more

The Rise of Investment-backed Structured Settlements

November 16, 2020

Since the 1980s, structured settlements have been a go-to for plaintiffs who receive a settlement or jury award from a personal injury or workers compensation claim. That’s because the benefits of a structured settlement for the plaintiff are many, namely custom-tailored planning, guaranteed future payments that extend the settlement monies over time, and the tax…  Read more

Keeping Benefits with a Medicare Set-aside

November 9, 2020

Settling a lawsuit can be a great relief to an individual and his or her family. While the money that can come as a result of settlement is usually welcome, the next step of the process is to make sure one educates themselves on the implications of these new funds, and how to best manage…  Read more