Administrator of the Year Award

Celebrating the heroes behind the scenes

True success in the legal profession goes beyond winning cases. It is also about making a positive impact on people’s lives during their most challenging times. At Milestone, we have made it our mission to bring empathy, dedication, and exceptional service to people pursuing justice – threaded through our work in mass tort QSF administration, legal tech innovation, and trauma-informed settlement planning.

That’s why we are proud to present the Administrator of the Year Award, an annual accolade that celebrates the individuals who go above and beyond in their roles. They help clients achieve positive outcomes while providing unwavering support and compassion during their legal journey.

We invite you to share with us the remarkable story of a team member who embodies empathy, dedication, and exceptional service. Whether they are a paralegal, legal assistant, executive assistant, office manager, CFO, bookkeeper, or another type of legal professional, we encourage you to recognize their outstanding contributions by nominating them for the Administrator of the Year Award.

By honoring these remarkable individuals, we aim to celebrate the vital role they play in the legal ecosystem. Their commitment and expertise ensure that clients receive the care, guidance, and support they deserve, ultimately shaping a brighter future for all. Nominate a deserving legal professional today.

Nominate a Legal Professional

Nominations for the 2024 award are now closed.

As an invested member of the settlement industry, we see it as our social responsibility to go beyond simply providing settlement solutions to trial lawyers and their plaintiffs.

Amy FogleCEO, Milestone



Eligible applicants are non-attorney law firm employees, in roles including, but not limited to:

  • Paralegal
  • Legal assistant
  • Executive assistant
  • Office manager
  • CFO, bookkeeper, or other financial professional


The nomination window for the 2024 Administrator of the Year Award closes on November 15, 2023. Nominations are only accepted via the form on this page. All fields are required. You may submit nominations for additional individuals. However, please only submit one form per nominee. Multiple nominations for the same individual, when submitted by different people, will be weighted.