Taking you from tragedy to tomorrow.

At Milestone, we’re here to guide you through the critical decisions that can affect your settlement and greatly influence your life moving forward following a tragedy.

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Moving forward to the next milestone

If you’re seeking a settlement after the loss of a loved one or a catastrophic accident, the end of your lawsuit can be the beginning of your healing. There are important decisions that need to be made following a tragedy that will greatly influence your life moving forward. At Milestone, we’re here to guide you through these critical financial decisions.

Our team provides attorneys and their clients with the knowledge, expertise, and guidance to successfully navigate the post-litigation and settlement process. Guided by the belief that our clients deserve the freedom to choose how their future unfolds, we work closely with attorneys and plaintiffs to develop a customized plan that will ensure their financial security for the future.

Hear from an actual client:

“The whole settlement planning process was very efficient, which meant a lot, because I was in a sort of state of confusion. I wanted to move forward and be able to focus on myself physically – Milestone helped get the financial ball rolling so it wasn’t something I had to stress about. It put me at peace of mind.”