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Milestone serves as a partner to your law firm.

Milestone’s mission is to bring efficiency, transparency, and education to law firms and their clients after settlement. An innovator in mass tort and multi-party litigation, Milestone has developed technology that streamlines distribution and frees up resources for law firms. The trauma-informed settlement planning team consults with claimants on government benefits compliance and provides financial education around settlement.

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We've redefined how law firms approach distribution.

Milestone’s high-touch approach to settlement and QSF administration allows law firms to focus more resources on advocating for their clients.

Pathway is the proven platform for multi-party and mass tort settlement distribution, allowing law firms to collect digital signatures, pay claimants electronically, and save time and money. AI enables tens of thousands of claimants to be paid in minutes, while the portal provides attorneys with high-level, real-time data. Schedule a demo to see it in action.

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What attorneys are saying:

“Our firm has worked with Milestone on all kinds of matters (setting up QSFs, advising clients about special needs, etc.) and they are ALWAYS responsive, knowledgeable and caring.”

Lori AndrusAndrus Anderson

“In addition to being awesome overall, Milestone is ahead of the curve in thinking about solutions to make our clients’ settlements easier.”

Elizabeth (Beth) GrahamGrant & Eisenhofer

“Extremely understanding and helpful. I’ve never had a ... vendor of any kind in any case be as responsive/on top of things as you guys are. You’re making this way simpler than I thought it would be.”

Attorney Client

Trauma-informed care is our gold standard.

Milestone’s expertise does not end with settlement distribution. There’s also a team of trauma-informed experts guiding claimants toward custom financial strategies for their incoming funds – ranging from investment-backed solutions to tools for complying with government benefits programs. Milestone has facilitated settlement plans for thousands of families, helping them move forward confidently.

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