Boy Scouts of America QSF Administrator

Milestone is the leading national qualified settlement fund administrator for survivors of sexual abuse. Our disbursement process emphasizes the survivor’s experience post settlement.

Survivor-focused Settlement Administration for BSA Cases

Secure. Confidential. Trauma informed.

At Milestone, we believe that the survivor’s journey should not end at the conclusion of their lawsuit. We’ve built a post-settlement process that efficiently and confidentially disburses client funds while offering survivors a trauma-informed settlement planning experience.

Our team is already serving as administrator for thousands of BSA claims, and we are equipped to serve more law firms and clients in this litigation. Consider speaking with a member of Milestone about our claimant-centered process in the post-settlement phase of the Boy Scouts litigation.

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Meet Pathway: The Digital Disbursement Solution

Streamline payments to your BSA clients with our digital platform

Pathway® helps ensure:

  • Clients’ funds arrive faster and confidentially,
  • A variety of secure payment method options are available, and
  • They have the opportunity to explore settlement planning with a trauma-informed consultant.

Meanwhile, law firms save time and money by utilizing Pathway, because it removes the costly and time-consuming administrative burden of distribution. Learn more here, and consider leveraging Pathway for your BSA clients.

Milestone Pathway