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We thought of no better way to wrap up this year’s Women’s History Month than by highlighting the incredible work of a company in the legal space that was made for women, by women, and because of women. Enter, A Case for Women.

A Case for Women (ACFW) informs women about the affordable legal options available to them if they’ve been injured by a negligent company or institution. It’s no surprise that women and children are disproportionately hurt by Big Pharma, financial scams, pay disparity, sexual assault, and product manufacturers to name a few, but the idea of entering into a lawsuit can be intimidating and frankly, a bit scary. The team at ACFW works from a place of compassion and empathy, offering a free conversation with any female who has been hurt by a number of issues, including but not limited to Essure, talcum powder, the pay gap, and sexual harassment. If it seems the best course of action for the injured individual is litigation, A Case of Women will make the introduction to an attorney from their network of esteemed, verified trial lawyers. From there on out, the law firm does the heavy lifting for the females they are helping. If one decides they do not want to pursue legal action, the ACFW team is also happy to connect women with other women, nonprofits and/or political groups who are working on these issues.

The way Jordan Knape, Director of Operations, sees it, “In a medical and consumer landscape, women tend to be taken advantage of more — more potentially faulty products, less rigorous testing, you name it. We’re here to help bridge that gap, and really take into account that women, even if at a point where they are considering legal action, tend to put their needs at the bottom of their To Do’s. We try to make plaintiff litigation accessible, and on her clock.” They only partner with plaintiffs’ law firms who are deeply committed to going to bat for women and their families.

Lawsuits can seem daunting, but in reality, they help to create lasting, powerful change. A Case for Women advocates for all women and provides them with a concrete path towards the justice they deserve.