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There is a certain depiction in society separating the good guys from the bad guys. When you’re a kid, it’s as black and white as superheroes you watch on cartoons. But as you grow up, you begin to learn the depth of the phrases. We are all living in a world where we have the opportunity to choose whether we want to be the good guys or not. My team has taken action to dedicate their lives to being the good guys. There is a certain connotation some people carry for those of the less fortunate. It’s easier for some to blame them for their situation. It’s easy for some to ignore that there are people out there struggling. It’s easy for some to put their own personal agendas before helping others who need someone to help them. I work at a firm filled with a team of those who have chosen to help the less fortunate every day. What we do together, every day, will impact people’s lives forever. Those we serve are everyday people who have been struck with a tragedy in their lives. We are the good guys that help those in times of trouble.

In short, the firm works with people who have found themselves in harm due to a product, service, or situation leaving them with an injury and immeasurable hardship they must face. While handling the pain of the injury, they and their families are now forced to go through litigation to receive the settlement they deserve from a wrongdoing that happened to them. Our firm provides these clients with access to financial education, government benefits, and a path to follow as they adjust to their new lives after tragedy. A large amount of money from a settlement can provide a deferred guarantee of income over time to allow clients the money they’ll need to survive in their new state.

We currently live in a society where it is sometimes easier to ignore those who need our help. Choosing to work in a firm that is dedicated to helping the less fortunate maneuver through a tragedy is extremely rewarding. When times are the hardest, humankind must depend on each other to help get through. With many different channels one can pursue in a career, it is amazing to work with those who dedicate it to helping others.

I appreciate all my fellow employees who have chosen to take a path dedicated to helping those in need. I commend the trial attorneys who dedicate their lives to support and represent those individuals. Life is measured by those you help and influence. I work with an amazing group of likeminded individuals that carry on our team’s mission to help those in need. Choosing to be the good guys in this action film of everyday life is something that should be celebrated and shared.

In addition to celebrating those who dedicate their lives to helping others, I would also like to remind everyone to cherish their loved ones. At any time, a tragedy could occur that no one is ready for. We are all extremely lucky to be able to choose our life path, with the people we love surrounding us. I hope this inspires you to make everyday changes to be a good guy in someone’s life.

Written by a Team Member