Settlement Planning for Survivors in USC/George Tyndall Case

A Survivor’s Journey After the USC Sexual Abuse Litigation

The settlement between the University of Southern California and survivors who were sexually assaulted by former university gynecologist George Tyndall is likely the largest settlement for sex abuse survivors in history. USC will pay more than $1.1 billion total to hundreds of plaintiffs.

Each survivor has her own unique story, future needs, and life goals. That’s why it’s critical that every plaintiff in the USC sexual abuse litigation receive the due diligence and care necessary to ensure her portion of the settlement is as beneficial as possible. Our team at Milestone has developed a tool that allows survivors of sexual assault — like the women who pursued justice from USC — to receive customized planning assistance.

Settlement Planning for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

A survivor’s journey does not end at the conclusion of a lawsuit. That’s why our holistic and innovative approach focuses on each individual’s needs, concerns, and goals for the future. We then provide the best planning options, some of which are exclusive to our firm, along with trustworthy guidance and care. Our experts educate survivors and their attorneys on tax implications as well as options for spreading their settlement to help them reach milestones and receive guaranteed future income. That way, survivors can move forward confidently into the next chapter of life.


“Milestone has been instrumental in helping my clients plan for long-term stability post-resolution of their case. Their team cares for survivors and what they are going through, all while offering sound financial guidance.” – Kim Dougherty, Attorney representing plaintiffs against Michigan State University for Larry Nassar’s abuse


Milestone is one of the most professional, experienced, and reliable settlement planning consultancies in the country. Our empathetic team maps personalized paths, no matter what lies ahead in a litigant’s journey.

An emerging standard of care for trial lawyers is recognizing that settlement is not an end, but a beginning. Survivors deserve strategies that ensure a lifetime of financial security. We evaluate and handle every situation on an individual basis, then align you with a customized solution.

  • Settlement advocacy: Even experts need experts. Our knowledge and experience assure both attorney and client that they are backed by the most beneficial settlement plan.
  • Tax-free settlement designs: Make the most out of every settlement with next-generation tax-exempt strategies. Forfeit less, ensure financial stability for plaintiffs, and manage more long-term income.
  • Domestic asset protection trusts: A settlement is life-altering. Protect your clients from further unexpected, life-changing occurrences down the road by securing assets and minimizing risk.
  • Government benefits preservation: We can ensure a settlement doesn’t lead to lost government benefits. 
  • Non-qualified settlements: Chart a course that leverages your current tax position for additional long-term income after a non-personal injury settlement. 
  • Qualified settlement funds: By understanding and leveraging the unique complexities of qualified settlement funds, the most professional law firms in the country discern themselves from the rest.

Settlement planning isn’t just for plaintiffs; we also help trial lawyers. Settlement planning can be implemented with an attorney’s incoming fees to prepare both for tax time and their long-term personal and professional wealth strategy. Or, in the instance of MDLs or class actions, settlement planning tools like a qualified settlement fund can ensure a lawyer’s multiple plaintiffs are being properly taken care of at the time of disbursement.

Our team is trauma informed

Milestone completed a three-part training course in trauma-informed care from Dr. Laura McGuire, founder of the National Center for Equity and Agency. This training has equipped our team with the knowledge, understanding, and compassion to best assist survivors through their settlement planning journey.


The Settlement Account for Plaintiffs in the USC/George Tyndall Litigation

“The Settlement Account” is a special trust designed specifically to care for the needs and circumstances of survivors who receive a personal injury settlement from a sexual assault case. Rather than accepting settlement monies outright or even settling into a general qualified settlement fund, any sexual assault survivor across the U.S. who receives a settlement from their lawsuit now has the option to settle into The Settlement Account. This includes the plaintiffs in the University of Southern California sexual abuse litigation.

The journey doesn’t end for plaintiffs once they reach settlement. In many cases, the journey is just beginning. And as their trusted legal and financial consultants, we will do everything in our power to make that journey successful for them. Our specialized qualified settlement fund allows us to tailor the settlement experience to the needs and circumstances of each unique plaintiff.

The Settlement Account affords sexual assault survivors:

  • Unlimited time and space to financially plan for the future without eliminating options
  • Access to legal and financial professionals who have been trained in the latest in trauma-informed care
  • Free, comprehensive settlement planning services from a nationally recognized firm
  • Ability to maintain anonymity and confidentiality due to the generic “The Settlement Account” nomenclature

In addition to access to The Settlement Account, survivors in the USC litigation will receive the benefit of nuanced financial knowledge and expertise around settlement planning options such as trusts, structures, and tax-free investment accounts from our team of experts.


“What I value about things like The Settlement Account is the client is in charge. [For survivors], having that control back in their hands, being back in the driver’s seat, is really important for them being able to continue to process and heal.” – Sara Craig, Levin Simes Abrams

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