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Trust Planning

By establishing a trust with Milestone’s guidance, your client can safeguard their settlement and maintain eligibility for government benefits, if applicable. Our team considers each individual’s present and future needs to identify the best financial strategy.

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Leveraging Trusts after Settlement 

A trust is a fiduciary agreement that allows a third party, or a designated trustee, to hold property or assets on behalf of one or more beneficiaries. It’s a legal vehicle by which one can pass on their assets to their families or loved ones while minimizing the amount of taxes applied to said assets as time passes. Having an irrevocable trust laid out also circumnavigates the need to put loved ones through the probate process for the funds associated with that trust in the event of the death of the trustor—this is because the trust has already named the beneficiaries.

Why use professional trust planning services?

Trust planning services can be highly useful for a number of individuals and for several reasons. Their use is not just reserved for the wealthy—they’re being used more and more by individuals from varying economic backgrounds. The main benefit gained from seeking professional trust planning services is informed, unbiased information as to the varied trust options at your disposal, and advice as to which kind of trust best suits your goals. We know there is a lot to go through and how confusing this can be—but Milestone is here to help you through this.

There are different kinds of trusts to choose from—each with their own purpose. For instance, a domestic asset protection trust (DAPT) is primarily used as an insurance policy guarding both older and younger individuals from the potential hardships they may encounter in life. This particular form of protection guards against the loss of your life savings in the wake of a divorce, bankruptcy, or liability accident. A settlement doesn’t have to be involved for you to take advantage of a DAPT and secure your future from irreparable harm.

Help plaintiffs with Medicaid, SSI, and other government benefits keep their eligibility after settlement with a Milestone Special Needs Trust.

Protect your client from future life-altering occurrences by securing assets and minimizing risks with a Milestone Domestic Asset Protection Trust.