Digital payments for mass tort clients

Through Pathway, claimants receive digital payment in three steps. Mass tort firms save time and money by handing over the burden of organizing disbursement. It's a win-win.

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Digital Payment in 3 Steps

Sign Docs

Claimants receive a link via email or text message that will take them to their settlement documents. They sign in one click.

Read About Settlement Planning

Planning is crucial for claimants who receive government benefits and/or want to ensure their funds last over many years. They’ll review their options and decide whether to speak with Milestone.

Choose Payment Method

With Pathway, claimants decide how to receive their funds. Options include PayPal, Zelle, Direct Deposit, a prepaid Mastercard, and paper check.

Through Pathway, Milestone serves your law firm by:

Lowering expenses

by taking on the administrative tasks of disbursement.

Providing fiduciary oversight

during the settlement distribution process.

Offering payment analytics

through our online Attorney Portal.

Making clients happy

by giving them options and speeding up payment.
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Your Data on Your Time

  • High-level payment analytics
  • Access to client documentation in a centralized location
  • Freeing up your firm to do what it does best
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