Trust Administration Services

Trust Administration Services

As a seasoned provider of trust administration services, Milestone Consulting’s team has a wealth of experience when it comes to settlement planning and establishing trusts. Our trust administrators are experts in establishing specials needs trusts (SNT) and domestic asset protection trusts (DAPT). In many respects, the purpose of these trusts are akin to those of insurance policies or retirement plans. A settlement plan that properly takes into account your clients’ present and future needs can prove beneficial by ensuring they’re not left needing more. There are many factors that must be considered when establishing a trust — this is where our settlement planners excel.

Special Needs Trusts

After a lawsuit settlement, a special needs trust is established to prevent people from losing benefits from certain government programs after coming into a settlement windfall. Whether the influx of monetary wealth comes from a settlement or from an inheritance, this wealth can make the recipient ineligible for government benefits. In many cases, however, these individuals may still need access to programs such as Supplementary Security Income (SSI), Veterans Aid and Attendance, Medicaid, and government housing. Often, the funds from a settlement aren’t enough to offset the loss of this aid. This is where Milestone Consulting’s trust administration services and special needs consultants come into play. A settlement planner can properly administer a special needs trust, ensuring that individuals can make the most of their settlement while maintaining the care and protection they need.

Domestic Asset Protection Trust

A domestic asset protection trust is primarily used as an insurance policy guarding both older and younger individuals from the potential hardships they may encounter in life. This particular form of protection guards against the loss of your life savings in the wake of a divorce, bankruptcy, or liability accident. A settlement doesn’t have to be involved for you to take advantage of a DAPT and secure your future from irreparable harm.