Optimized Settlement Distribution

Multi-party Qualified Settlement Fund Administration

A qualified settlement fund is crucial to streamlining settlement distribution in multi-party litigation. But your QSF administrator makes all the difference. Choose Milestone for the strongest coordination, communication, and accountability post settlement.

Milestone Smooths the Ride at Settlement

In addition to providing a smart, organized approach to settlement distribution, Milestone is the only QSF administrator that specializes in guiding plaintiffs through post settlement. Our company’s disbursement process is centered on the client’s experience, with a trauma-informed, tailored approach to each plaintiff’s needs.

Our Standard of Care with Multi-party QSF Administration

Precise coordination of all parties involved in the litigation

Fiduciary oversight on the post settlement process

Organized handling of the settlement funds and waves of distribution

Proactive engagement and communication with attorneys throughout the process

Confidentiality and trauma-informed care

Custodial security of the funds

Take a new approach to settlement distribution

Our team of attorneys, accountants, and fiduciaries are experts in managing distribution in multi-party cases. Leverage our industry know-how to improve the post settlement process for your firm and your clients.

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