MTMP Connect Webinar

In this exclusive webinar presented by MTMP Connect and sponsored by Milestone, four leaders in multidistrict litigation discuss:

  • What a Leadership Development Committee is, and the process of getting on one
  • Firsthand experiences from attorneys who are currently on leadership development committees for the CPAP and Zantac MDLs
  • The importance of diversifying the group of attorneys appointed to Plaintiff Steering Committees and other MDL leadership roles
  • Insight from a current MDL co-lead, and her trajectory to leadership
  • The impact of expanding the pool of MDL leadership and how varying perspectives are essential to best serve plaintiffs
  • Knowledge from a co-chair of a Leadership Development Committee
  • Tips from an attorney who “graduated” from LDC to PSC

Don’t miss this insight from an all-star lineup!

Watch the Webinar