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Milestone’s qualified settlement fund team continues to grow with the addition of Manuel Isidore Flores Espinas. As QSF data manager, Manuel handles the movement of data to and from our database. He performs automation and quality controls for reporting and monitors all software to ensure it meets the QSF team’s informational and technological needs.

Manuel brings with him eight years’ experience from the healthcare lien industry as a corporate financial and discrepancy analyst, where he became proficient in SAP Business Object Scripts, SQL, and Power BI, and created macros for accurate reporting. We asked Manuel a few questions to get to know him better. Check out his answers below!

Where did you attend school, and what did you study?

I went to the University of Houston, Bauer College of Business. Go Coogs. I graduated with a BA in Business Administration focusing on Management Information Systems.

What appealed to you about working at Milestone?

I initially interviewed with Milestone because I was curious about how the company worked and its processes. After speaking with the directors of the QSF team, I made the jump to join Milestone – especially because of the people and culture! This has only been my second day at Milestone, and I can already tell that everyone meshes well with each other, and it is a fun and low-stress environment.

Share something that’s particularly unique about your background and/or life.

  1. I travel as much as I can.
  2. I listen to all genres of music, from country to EDM.
  3. I have tattoos. A lot of tattoos.

What’s the best part about living and/or working in Houston?

It is definitely the food and people! Houston is so diverse in culture that you can literally find anything and everything your heart desires! The southern hospitality is also another great thing. Everyone is nice and hospitable, for the most part. You will never catch me NOT saying, “Yes, Ma’am/Sir, or No, Ma’am/Sir,” after any question.

I love to travel, and Houston is centrally located. Access and flights to anywhere in the country are quite easy and reasonable. Houston also allows easy access to Mexico and Central America! I still have not set foot in South America, but it is definitely on my list.

Join us in welcoming Manuel to the Milestone family!

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