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Posted on November 18, 2020

Many people with disabilities depend on Medicare to cover some of their medical expenses. However, beneficiaries who are receiving a personal injury settlement may no longer qualify for Medicare benefits, since the influx of settlement monies could put them over the income eligibility limit. With proper planning, it is still possible to keep your Medicare benefits after receiving a settlement. For some personal injury plaintiffs, the answer is establishing a Medicare set aside (“MSA”). 

When an MSA is the right answer, there are specific steps a beneficiary must take to properly set up the account. Our free Medicare set aside ebook is a great resource for you to start understanding this settlement planning tool, what it does for plaintiffs, and how it is funded.

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Settlement planning is an important step for any plaintiff who pursues a personal injury lawsuit. At Milestone, we take a holistic approach to each client’s settlement by looking at their unique needs and goals. Then, we find the best ways to ensure that the settlement award is as beneficial for as long as possible. We welcome you to give us a call to hear more about Medicare set asides – or settlement planning in general – and how we can help.