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Through our streamlined process, a structured installment sale works to provide clients with income that lasts a lifetime. Work alongside Milestone to ensure your client receives a better NQA in five simple steps. 

  1. When the buyer and seller of a structured settlement execute the Purchase & Sale Agreement, they sign an Addendum of Sale agreeing to a periodic payment schedule.
  2. The buyer of a structured settlement assigns a periodic payment obligation through the contract, resulting in a lump sum transferred to a third-party assignment company.
  3. The periodic payment obligation is assigned to the third-party assignment company, which then directs the entire deferral to a holding company.
  4. The holding company issues a contract schedule to the third-party international assignment company, ensuring all periodic payments are made, which are backed by a professionally managed structured settlement investment account.
  5. The holding company then distributes periodic payments to the seller according to the payment schedule in the Purchase & Sale Agreement. Through this relatively simple process, a structured installment sale can provide you with income that will last your lifetime.

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