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By Jessica McDowell

I am daily inspired by the work we do at Milestone Consulting and proud to be a part of this unique company. Located in the heart of Buffalo, New York, we are striving every day to better our team and remain a beacon in our community. The work that we do at Milestone and our affiliated companies far exceeds the services you will find listed on our website; as our desire to educate, guide and serve those in need is the lifeblood of our company and guarantees that our work will never cease to be a relevant part of our community and society.

As an active part of the Buffalo community, our team regularly participates in volunteer work such as volunteering at the Kevin Guest House by making dinner for guests whose loved ones are undergoing cancer treatment. We support various non-profit organizations, including our own non-profit, the Bairs Foundation, which provides non-recourse funding to poverty stricken plaintiffs.

Milestone strives to stay active in the political community as well. In October we organized a panel discussion to raise awareness on the recently passed Child Victims Act and the issue of sexual assault. It was a great event and through it we were able to support organizations that are advocating for change.

Furthermore our company works with EndDD to help raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. Our team members present at local high schools on behalf of EndDD to speak with teenagers regarding the matter and open their eyes to the responsibility they hold behind the wheel. We hope that our presentations and support of the organization will help to promote a safer community.

As you can see, it’s easy to come up with plenty of ways in which Milestone benefits the community we live in, as service is truly at the heart of who we are as a company. Our team lives in this community and we strive to be a part of building a better society for our neighbors both here in Buffalo and all over the world.

The most important factor that makes our company unique is that we truly value our team. We are each encouraged to see ourselves not just as an employee but a vital part of the company’s success. Our opinions and time are valued and we make an effort to cultivate a productive workplace that promotes creativity and freedom of thought. We place value on results and our work-hard play-hard atmosphere allows our team to take ownership of our work and also celebrate a job well done. This is a balance that is necessary for good morale in the office place and I have already seen its benefit within our team. This group is like a family. Our relationships are what make our company so strong, and I believe that our trust for each other is reflected in the trust that our clients also have in us.

Our mission is to provide trusted guidance that lasts a lifetime. We work with trial attorneys and their clients to serve as a partner for the future. Trial lawyers should work with us because we’re here to stay and we’re not just a one stop shop. We have over 50 years of combined experience and we continue to strive to meet the needs in the trial lawyer community. We can help with structured settlements, attorney fee deferrals, qualified settlement funds and much more, and we are continuing to grow and add services to our business to help you be the best trial lawyer you can be.

As you can see, here at Milestone we are a well rounded, versatile and highly motivated team. We work hard to meet your needs and value the work that we do. Our work is more than just work to us. We have developed relationships with the attorneys we work with and their clients; and helping to guide, teach and serve them is the lifeblood of our company. We embody the values that our company is built on – values of compassion, education, stability, understanding and confidence; and we hope to continue to use these values to help take you from tragedy to tomorrow.