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Milestone has pioneered three options for our attorney clients who wish to defer their fees:

Option One: Private Wealth Portfolio

If you are currently working with a financial planner, Milestone provides the opportunity to build a tax-efficient deferred income in collaboration with your current advisor and our wealth management team.

Option Two: Permanent Whole Life Insurance

Keep more of your total contingency fee and work within an existing financial framework that can return historical dividends as high as six percent or greater. By becoming a policy holder in one of these large mutuals, you reap the benefits of their financial strength and dividend-paying histories.

Option Three: Fixed-Index, Traditional, and Secondary Market Annuities

A more tried-and-true strategy, this approach has been allowable since 2008 but has been cost prohibitive until now. No longer limited to the eight basic structured annuity options, this platform relies on the inherent advantages in the marketplace of annuities. The core benefit of this option is getting a principal guarantee from a highly rated insurer. In addition to accumulating wealth on a pretax basis, deferring fees include advantages like yielding a lower tax bracket, creating a steady flow of income in a field where the payment stream isn’t always predictable, and setting up a strategy for philanthropy, family vacations—anything you would like to use your money for.