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For Financial Advisors

Collaborate with Milestone so you can offer your clients more options and unique financial tools that other advisors may not have access to. Our goal is to protect and grow your clients’ funds and increase your assets under management.

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Offer Clients More. Boost Your AUM.

By partnering with Milestone, you will be given exclusive access to our investment-backed strategies and the outstanding wealth management benefits they afford your clients. You’ll own the account management, decide on the investment strategy, bill the account, and remain the main relationship manager for your clients. Our team at Milestone will provide the tools needed for success. Stay ahead of your competition by having this strategy ready for clients who could use it.

Attorney Clients

Fee deferral gives trial lawyers power over their income. Your attorney clients’ contingency fee income can be spread, grown, and secured over time. This arrangement can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars more than they would receive by taking their fee as a lump sum. It can also help protect them from reaching a higher tax bracket.

Plaintiff Clients

An investment-backed structure will help ensure that your plaintiff clients’ settlements are as beneficial to them as possible. Instead of receiving their settlement in a lump sum, a plaintiff can establish a periodic payment schedule that provides the funds they need now and allows the rest to grow in a tax-free or tax-deferred* investment portfolio. This strategy typically offers better growth than that of a traditional structured settlement.

Business Owner Clients

Through structured installment sales, Milestone works with business owners and their financial advisors to replace large, immediate tax obligations with pre-tax, investment-backed payment schedules. We can transform a one-time sale into a series of installments that arrive in a schedule customized to your client’s needs and financial goals. Future payments are invested through a national custodian where the funds grow tax-deferred.