Milestone’s feeMaster Program for Attorneys

Our feeMaster Program

We’ve re-branded our innovative attorney fee deferral program. Now, you can become a feeMaster.

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Imagine possessing the power to leverage your deferred compensation as an integral part of your overall wealth strategy. Capable trial lawyers choose when their fees are received by their firm in every settlement. Rely on a team that empowers you to build and focus on what matters most to you. Download our new brochure to learn how to manage your fees and frame your future as a feeMaster.

Start mastering your attorney fees.

When you elect to structure your attorney fees, your deferred payment options are customizable, your structured payment plan can be flexible, and you are in control of your money. There are no limits to how much or how little you defer. 

Interested in learning more about attorney fee deferral? Contact us today to discuss how deferring your attorney fees could help you reach your wealth management goals.

Our new attorney fee deferral program is what you need to reach more of your goals.

Expand your existing wealth management strategy with three modern tax deferral design solutions. Decide when and how you receive your fees, leverage tax-deferred growth, and reach more of your personal and professional goals.

Only a feeMaster can:

  • Customize an investment-backed strategy with full-time management.
  • Maintain security features and oversight through our custodian, Charles Schwab & Co.
  • Liquidate 100% of your assets at any time without penalty or fee—unlike a 401k.