Clients Who Have Met More Milestones

Discover how Milestone provides settlement solutions that make a lasting impact for those who deserve and receive justice.  

John* was in his mid-forties with a wife and three beautiful children. He was gravely injured at work, and the accident left him a paraplegic. With his settlement, Milestone created a plan to cover his monthly expenses comfortably while giving him a significant cash resource available if needed. John’s wife was able to quit her job to take care of John and to spend more time with their family, which is something she had always wanted to do. John’s net settlement had been only $700,000, and with that we were able to set John up so he and his family would be able to live comfortably, and he was even able to retire at age 42.

John’s Settlement Story

Alex* was in his early twenties when he fell from a balcony and suffered a traumatic brain injury. As a result, Alex began to deal with severe anxiety and depression. He received a settlement, and the Milestone team stepped in to identify the best plan for him moving forward. We established a trust that pays for all his medical needs, with a Medicare set aside so he can still get government benefits as well as a monthly prepaid debit card to help him manage his money. His trust also pays for one of the best rehab facilities in the country. Alex is getting the most from his settlement, and his parents have the peace of mind that he has the right financial, emotional, psychological, and physical care.

Alex’s Settlement Story

A police officer in his 30s was crossing the street when he was hit and killed by a truck. After receiving a wrongful death settlement, the officer’s wife worked with Milestone to set up a tax-free structure for her young son, who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy. The son will receive a combination of lump sums and monthly payments from age 18 to 35. These payments will allow him to get the extra care he needs in the future and cover expenses such as a new wheelchair, a van, and/or a modified home when he becomes an adult.

A Police Officer’s Settlement Story

Sara* was on government benefits when she was injured in a car accident. She was only awarded $100,000 as her settlement, and this was not a sufficient amount of money to sustain her basic living expenses without government assistance long term. Our client was only 35 years old and from her injuries, she was unable to continue working. Milestone consultants recommended that she participate in a pooled special needs trust. Our client was able to cost effectively join the trust and supplement her monthly needs for medical assistance, which was not covered by Medicaid. This allowed her to thrive with a disability while sustaining her government benefits. Sara is now living in a better community where her safety has improved and she can get the medical attention she needs with increased transportation availability.

Sara’s Settlement Story

We assisted a family whose minor daughter currently has a medical condition which may limit her life expectancy long-term. Under the usual statute, the child’s funds should be set aside for future use at age 18; however in this case there was a strong possibility the minor would not see 18. The family did not have the means to provide extra medical assistance, home modifications, counseling, and community interaction at the time of settlement. By providing the family with a thorough and a well-constructed settlement preservation plan, the family was able to obtain court approval to have funds available now for the minor’s benefit (when she needs it most), yet also have funds available through deferred growth of investment for the minor’s future.

A Family’s Settlement Story