Class Action Settlement Planning

Class Action Qualified Settlement Fund Administration

As class action qualified settlement fund administrator, Milestone is the accounting back office your firm needs for peace of mind that the distribution phase of settlement is done correctly and timely.

Smart Team. Clean Work. Precise Class Action Administration.

As class action QSF administrator, Milestone acts as a back office for your law firm. We precisely handle class action settlement distributions and and other tasks that remove the administrative burden from you and your staff. Our flexibility allows us to meet your firm’s individual needs, but we always provide:

  • A trustworthy, responsive partner taking on the tedious administrative tasks of class action settlement,
  • Peace of mind that these tasks are done right, and
  • The information you need for the best bookkeeping and yearly planning for your firm.

Being your class action administrator means we share the same goal that distributions are correct and happen efficiently. We take pride in making every penny go where it needs to go.

Cell Phones, Not Call Centers

Beyond our technical ability to handle all your class action QSF administration needs, our team is genuinely happy to help. We are here to assist and serve your firm – not just your staff and clients, but also your referring attorneys in knowing the status of their fees. Because your success is our success.

Contact Milestone to discuss the class actions you’re working on and how we can best serve you as administrator.

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