Our Partnership with Bridie Farrell

​​Bridie Farrell is a nationally ranked speed skater who competed in Olympic Trials and held three American records.

At the age of 31, she disclosed that beginning at age 15, she was sexually abused by her then 33-year-old coach, an Olympic silver medalist. Sixteen years after the abuse ended, Bridie became an outspoken advocate to end child sexual abuse.

Supporting Survivors of Sexual Abuse

In her efforts to end child sex abuse, Bridie formed America Loves Kids, a nonprofit that educates the public about child sexual abuse, connects survivors to resources, and works to improve related laws and policies. Bridie worked with lawmakers to spearhead legislation in New York (the Child Victims Act) and Arizona (H.B. 2466), both of which substantially extended the time for survivors in those states to take civil action against their abusers.

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Bridie Farrell Partners with Milestone Consulting

Partnering with Purpose

Milestone engages in a partnership with Bridie Farrell, whose advocacy work supports trauma survivors throughout their journey to justice. This exclusive partnership enables the support to continue beyond settlement. “We’re poised and ready to help as many survivors as we can, and we see this strategic partnership with Bridie as a major step forward in being able to do so,” John Bair, founder of Milestone, said in a press release. “Bridie’s voice coupled with our firm’s prowess positions us to truly give survivors the level of service and care they deserve.”

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