Milestone’s Support of the Beirut Bombing Victims and Families

In April 2016, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a 2012 law passed by Congress making it easier for the families of those killed in terrorist attacks to obtain compensation. This historic decision has paved the way for families who lost loved ones through acts of terrorism to recover against the sponsors of such violence.

One such event occurred on October 23, 1983, when two trucks laden with explosives were driven into the midst of the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. Terrorist drivers then detonated the mobile bombs, taking the lives of 241 U.S. servicemen and injuring another 138 Americans in the blast, making it the deadliest single terrorist act against U.S. citizens prior to the September 11th attacks.

Our Service & Support

In 2001, the families of those killed, in conjunction with some of the survivors, filed civil suits against Iran for wrongful deaths due to state-sponsored terrorism. Battled out in court for years, a 2012 ruling declared that Iran would be held responsible for more than $813 billion in damages to those hurt by the event. How the plaintiffs would recover such funds was unclear, until recent events.

In a landmark decision, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that nearly $2 billion in frozen Iranian assets would be available for disbursements.

Milestone has been proud to offer pro bono structured settlements to any and all families of these fallen Marines and other servicepeople. By taking the guesswork out of settlement planning, we can help ensure a lifetime of financial security for your client and their loved ones.