Settlement Planning

Financial Strategies for Attorneys

Milestone serves as a trusted partner for trial lawyers nationwide. Leverage our firm’s exclusive strategies to optimize your income, see a more organized settlement process, and help your clients prepare for their incoming settlement funds.

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Partnering with You and Your Law Firm at Settlement 

As an expert in settlement planning and administration, we provide financial services designed to ease the distribution and planning of settlement funds and set trial lawyers and their clients up for a secure financial future.

How Milestone Partners with Trial Lawyers

Milestone optimizes settlement dollars for trial lawyers and their clients. Serving all types of injury law firms, Milestone leads the industry in QSF administration, attorney fee deferral, and settlement planning. Partnering with Milestone’s committed and responsive team will elevate any trial lawyer’s practice. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you and your firm.

Firmwide Qualified Settlement Funds

A firmwide qualified settlement fund holds funds after a lawsuit concludes. It allows attorneys, law firms, and plaintiffs extra time to independently strategize their financial plans before they receive the income.

Attorney Fee Deferral

Attorney fee deferral gives trial lawyers power over their income. Unique to contingency fee attorneys, this strategy has tax benefits and allows for personal and professional wealth planning.

Mass Tort QSF Administration

Partnering with Milestone for mass tort qualified settlement fund administration ensures the most organized and successful settlement distribution.

Class Action QSF Administration

Milestone’s dependable team serves as a back office to law firms, precisely handling class action settlement payouts.

QSF Co-administration

Trial lawyers can optimize their settlement process by hiring Milestone as QSF co-administrator to oversee disbursement, claims administration, lien resolution, and more.

Plaintiff Settlement Planning

Attorneys can help their clients’ settlement funds go further by connecting them with the experts at Milestone.