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Bayer had sole access to facts concerning the potential hazards of Yaz and ignored the connection between its drug and potentially life-threatening side effects. In turn, the drug maker’s profits increased at the expense of women who took the medication, some of whom have been affected by serious complications and injuries, including life-threatening conditions. As an advocate for the civil justice system, Milestone Consulting, LLC assists numerous mass tort firms with settlement-planning advice on behalf of each of their clients.

Milestone also provides individual consultation to those claimants, educating them on how the acceptance of a settlement may affect and/or benefit them. Our company has extensive experience regarding settlement planning and has assisted thousands of claimants in the following areas:


  • Government Benefit Preservation
  • Needs-Based Financial Planning
  • Pooled and Special Needs Trusts
  • College Planning and Financial Aid
  • Tax-Exempt Structured Settlements


Government Benefit Preservation. Any claimant who is on needs-based benefits can be affected by accepting settlement funds that will exceed their income and asset tests to qualify for benefits. If you are on SSI, Medicaid, food stamps, subsidized housing or any other needs-based programs, you should consult with a professional prior to taking receipt of any funds. Often, there is access to other government-approved programs that will allow you to maintain eligibility. Proper education on those strategies is one of our areas of expertise.

Needs-Based Financial Planning. Accepting funds you didn’t count on can lead to many questions and confusion as to what the right decisions are for your settlement funds. Helping claimants navigate all their financial options through education and unbiased advice is what our settlement experts do. What are the best cash management and investments vehicles based on your current and long-term circumstances?

Pooled and Special Needs Trusts. A person with a disability can help avoid dissipation of their assets and any control issues pertaining to settlement funds through a Special Needs Trust (SNT). An SNT can also help an individual maintain government benefit eligibility. A person’s condition and long-term situation will help in deciding whether a trust is the right answer. There are many types of trusts and uses for them, so the experts at Milestone can assist with an evaluation of those attributes and devise a trust plan, if necessary.

College Planning and Financial Aid. If you are currently a student or expect to be one soon, it is important to evaluate the effect settlement funds could have on a student’s financial aid qualification. To help navigate what is best suited for a claimant’s settlement funds, Milestone uses various strategies to either preserve financial aid or provide planned tuition assistance to those students. A proper assessment of your financial picture during college and the timing of how and when you receive settlement funds can be critical. It is best to consider this now, prior to receiving your settlement monies.

Tax-Exempt Structured Settlements. As a personal injury claimant, you have the option to take all or a portion of your settlement funds and place it in a tax-exempt annuity. A structured settlement provides you open plan design as to when and how you are paid those funds in the future. You can begin to collect payments right away or you can defer payments until a point in time down the road. It allows a claimant an additional option not available to others to plan their financial future. Structured annuities are unique and specific only to personal injury and wrongful death, so having a clear education on how they work and can be useful to your specific situation is always a good strategy.

Milestone is dedicated to assisting injured persons through the complexities of litigation and helping them move ahead with their lives. Please call Milestone for a complimentary consultation of your settlement situation. We will provide the expert advice you deserve.

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